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Hepatitis C information


Hepatitis C 101

What is Hepatitis C?

  • Hepatitis C is a serious, blood born virus that damages the liver

How do people get Hepatitis C?

  • People can get Hepatitis C from a very small amount of blood
  • Hepatitis C can live outside of the body for up to three weeks
  • Today most people get Hepatitis C by sharing needles, syringes, or other equipment to inject drugs

Hepatitis C can be Cured!

  • Anti-viral medications can cure Hepatitis C for most people in 8-12 weeks

Who should get tested for Hepatitis C?

People who:

  • Were born from 1945-1965
  • Received donated blood or organs before 1992
  • Have injected drugs, even if it was just once or many years ago
  • Have certain medical conditions such as, chronic liver disease, HIV or AIDS
  • Have abnormal liver tests or liver disease
  • Have been exposed to blood from a person with Hepatitis C
  • Are on hemodialysis
  • Are born to a mother with Hepatitis C
  • Are pregnant