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340B Pharmacy

Coordinated Care Network (CCN) is a 340B contracted pharmacy that provides specialty pharmacy and case management services to 340B Covered Entities. CCN was formed in 1996 and was initially funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to build its 340B program. To date, CCN has serviced more than 120,000 patients and dispensed over 5 million 340B medications.

CCN services offerings include:
  • 340B HIV/Specialty Pharmacy Management Services
  • 340B Physician Dispensing and Mail Order Services
  • 340B Poly-Pharmacy Member Case Management Services
  • 340B Hospital Specialty Mail Order Services

340B HIV/Specialty Pharmacy Management Services: CCN’s central pharmacy and mail order facility provides 340B Covered Entities, including Ryan White Clinics, with specialized contracted pharmacy services for patients that require a high degree of coordination. CCN’s Specialty Pharmacy Division provides adherence tracking and reporting, monthly refill reminders, 24/7 access to HIV specialty-trained pharmacists, one-on-one HIV Specialty Care Representatives for each patient, and customized mail delivery services, including delivery alerts, re-routing and alternative location deliveries. Becoming an extension of the Covered Entity’s clinical team, CCN’s specialty pharmacy model allows Covered Entities to enhance care while capturing a new revenue stream.

340B Physician Dispensing and Mail Order Services: CCN provides 340B Covered Entities with turn-key on-site physician dispensing systems, prepackaged medications and mail order refills, along with administrative, financial and regulatory reporting services. Through this system, Covered Entities are able to dispense on-site, process refills via mail order, offer significant discounts to uninsured patients, increase convenience and compliance, and generate a new revenue stream for their organization. Frequently Asked Questions

340B Poly-Pharmacy Member Case Management Services: In this program, a Medicaid Managed Care Organization (MCO) identifies its high-risk “poly-pharmacy” members and delegates the case management of them to a Covered Entity. The Covered Entity, which has an existing 340B contracted pharmacy relationship with CCN, sub-delegates part of its case management responsibilities for these members to CCN (under a separate contract). Using mail, telephone and outreach techniques, CCN case managers (on behalf of the Covered Entity) provide ongoing case management services to all identified members, on a voluntary basis. Through this process, all members receiving case management services become patients of the Covered Entity and are eligible for 340B discounted medications. These members are offered the opportunity to utilize the Covered Entity’s 340B specialty pharmacy program, operated by CCN. Members electing to use this program receive specialty pharmacy services as a complement to their ongoing case management services; the Covered Entity is reimbursed for its clinical services; and the Medicaid MCO receives a discount on medications dispensed through the program.