340B Pharmacy

HIV/Specialty Pharmacy Management Services

CCN’s central pharmacy and mail order facility provides 340B Covered Entities, including Ryan White Clinics, with specialized contracted pharmacy services for patients that require a high degree of coordination. In addition to the value-added services CCN provides to all patients, CCN has enhanced its HIV/Specialty Pharmacy Program services to include:

Patient Enrollment into the HIV/Specialty Program:
Through its enhanced patient enrollment process, CCN offers assistance with the enrollment of patients into the HIV/Specialty Pharmacy Program. Methods of assistance include, but are not limited to on-site assistance at the clinic from a CCN representative who meets with prospective patients and answers questions about the pharmacy program; CCN performs outreach to the clinic’s patients, via mailings and phone, to introduce the program; and CCN holds patient luncheons to introduce the program. The clinic may choose any, or all, options for enrollment assistance, and these options are available to the clinic throughout the term of the contract pharmacy agreement.

Assignment of a Specialty Care Representative:
After completion of the contracting process, CCN assigns a dedicated Specialty Care Representative (SCR) to the clinic and its patients. At the time of patient enrollment, the SCR welcomes the patient to the program and remains in consistent contact with the patient thereafter when calling for refill reminders. The SCRs, along with the HIV/Specialty pharmacists and clinical team, act as a liaison between the patient and their health care provider.

Adherence Tracking and Reporting:
The SCR’s ongoing interaction with the patients allows for easy recognition of adherence issues. Monthly refill reminder calls to the patient provide the opportunity to track adherence to medication regimens. Once the SCR identifies the adherence issue, he/she immediately communicates to the clinic that the patient is not adherent. At the end of each month, the clinic is sent an Adherence Report which summarizes each adherence issue by the patient, sorted and graphed by adherence category.

Pharmacy-based Adherence Interventions:
CCN offers multiple pharmacy interventions to assist with adherence, including medication counseling by a CCN HIV/Specialty trained pharmacist; medication education seminars; multi-dose packaging; pillboxes or like devices; reminder calls; assistance in scheduling clinic appointments; and the administration of adherence questionnaires for self-report purposes.