CCN Pharmacy


CCN_Website_HepatitisPage_1CCN Pharmacy will provide your plan with its innovative and proprietary methods of enrolling Hepatitis C members in CCN’s 340B Specialty Pharmacy Program, including:

  • Covered Entit­­y Mapping – which involves CCN identifying Hepatitis C members currently being served by 340B Covered Entities and CCN contracting with them to provide 340B Specialty Pharmacy services at a discount to your plan.Note: Hepatitis C members being served by 340B Covered Entities already contracted with CCN would qualify for discounts.
  • Case Management – which involves CCN identifying all other Hepatitis C members and arranging for them to receive on-going collaborative case management services from a 340B Covered Entity that is also contracted with CCN. Through this mechanism, these members would qualify for discounts.

CCN_Website_HepatitisPage_1CCN will provide comprehensive specialty pharmacy services to enrolled members, including CCN’s proprietary nurse-driven in-home readiness, medication and disease state assessments, real-time adherence monitoring services, ongoing medication management services and post-therapy reporting services.

CCN_Website_HepatitisPage_1Your plan will receive significant discounts for all members enrolled. With current utilization data, CCN can provide a detailed forecast of all projected savings.