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Frequently Asked Questions

The CCN 340B Physician Dispensing and Mail Order Program allows people to get their prescriptions filled right at their doctor’s office – usually within 5 minutes after their appointment.

A patient simply hands their prescription to a trained nurse, who enters the necessary information into a computer. Drug interactions are checked through an online national database, and the insurance claim is processed – just like at a drugstore. The nurse then obtains the prepackaged medication from a locked drug cabinet; bar-code scans it to verify the correct compound and strength, affixes the proper labels and hands it to the patient along with instructions for its use.

On average, it takes about 90 seconds to process a prescription, compared to an average of about 20 minutes at a drugstore.

If a drug interaction or other potential medical problem is discovered, the prescribing doctor is consulted, who, with the support of a CCN pharmacist, resolves the problem – just like in a drugstore, only faster, since it all takes place at the doctor’s office, where the doctor and patient can talk about alternatives.

Because participating doctor’s offices can purchase medications at greatly reduced rates1 (50% below drugstore prices, on average) large discounts can be offered to patients without drug coverage, based on their income. 

At participating doctor’s offices that are designated as Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Refills can be obtained directly at the doctor’s office or via home delivery from the CCN Central Pharmacy at 877-349-MEDS.

Controlled substances or narcotics, such as “pain killers,” are not available at participating doctor’s offices. These prescriptions, along with other “specialty” medications, must be obtained through the CCN Central Pharmacy or at a local drugstore.

Coordinated Care Network is a community-based organization based in Pittsburgh dedicated to addressing the health care needs of the uninsured and underinsured.